How to Fix Mobile Home Flooring

Mobile homes are often prone to problems like damaged flooring, mainly due to water seepage from any of the sinks or flushes. When it persists over a period of time, the flooring of your mobile home gets affected by developing patches where the water affected flooring the most. Especially in the case of floors made of particle board, this issue aggravates even more.

Whether you need to fix the old flooring or lay a new one depends on how much damage has been done. While completely replacing the floor might not be a practical option for you owing to how much work it involves, what you can do is put another layer of flooring over it, which is made from a more reliable material.

Fixing Option

If you wish to save yourself time and energy, fixing the old floor is the way to go. What you simply need to do is cut out exactly those parts of the floor that are affected by water and replace them with pieces of some other, sturdier material such as plywood.

Although do keep in mind that once the damage exceeds a certain level before you do anything about it, you might have to replace the flooring altogether.

Replacing Option

The first step is to carefully remove any carpet or other covering that you may wish to keep. Afterwards, tiles will have to be removed.

Once the coverings and tiles have been taken out, it’s time to remove the sub-flooring. This is comparatively time-consuming since one has to go about it very carefully. First cut it around all the sides of the room (perimeter), making sure that the floor beams below are not damaged in the process. Once you have cut around the edges, do the same between the joists, also called floor beams.

Next, insulate the flooring. It’s not necessary, but will save you energy costs. Before you lay the new flooring, make sure that you have accurately measured the perimeter. Lay the plywood flooring down opposite the beams’ direction, then nail and glue. Where you see that two pieces of plywood are making a joint, make reinforcement under it beforehand.



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